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Pregnancy Awareness week
Congratulations, kudos, and woo hoo! – you're pregnant! Here are the most important things to do as you wait to meet your baby. The first trimester (week 1 - 13) is the most important period of your baby's development. This is when baby's structure and organs develop. Here is a First Trimester ess...
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Adolescent Pregnancies
South Africa has one of the highest rates globally, with 1 in 4 girls under 20 years of age falling pregnant. An unplanned teenage pregnancy can be challenging for young parents experiencing it and for the families connected to the young parents. Without the proper support and help, a teen mother is...
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Pregnancy Glow ?!
Were you expecting that "pregnancy glow"? Few expectant moms get that lucky. Many experience at least a few skin changes, while others are hit with just about every skin problem in the book. When do skin changes during pregnancy start? It is different for everyone. Many women experience the varied c...
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After Pregnancy care
Just when you thought you'd reached the finish line of pregnancy, you discover there’s one more "trimester" to get through. We’re talking about the "4th trimester" — that hazy period where you’re recovering from pregnancy and delivery while simultaneously learning how to be a mom as your bab...
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Postpartum Period
There is a lack of continuous care during the postpartum period in South Africa; many women birth in a clinic or hospital and are sent home with their new baby with little idea of how to recover and take care of a newborn. In the Western Cape, postnatal services and care become available after the [...
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Newly Pregnant
If you are newly pregnant and asking yourself what to do in the first trimester, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are pregnant for the first time or have been pregnant before, a first trimester checklist is an important tool in starting your pregnancy right. Arrange your first prenatal ...
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Maternal and Newborn care
World Health Orginazation urges quality care for women and newborns in critical first weeks after childbirth with newly released Guidelines. The first six weeks after birth is a critical time for ensuring newborn and maternal survival and for supporting healthy development of the baby as well as the...
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Pre-natal Vitamins
You may have a lot of questions about prenatal vitamins. Do you need to take one? Are they necessary? Even if you are already eating a healthy diet, getting these essential nutrients is difficult with diet alone. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that all women should supplement two to ...
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What can cause an Ectopic (fallopian tube) Pregnancy?
In most cases, conditions that slow down or block the movement of the egg down your fallopian tube cause ectopic pregnancy. This could happen because: You have scar tissue, adhesions or inflammation from a prior pelvic surgery.Your fallopian tubes have damage, such as from a sexually transmitted inf...
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One of the main reasons why Moms choose to breastfeed!
If you are unsure about breastfeeding, or already breastfeeding and struggling, reach out to some of the amazing women and service providers in SA who can assist and guide you @cuddlesandgrace_baby @postpartumdirectory @ruwaida.moola @my_breastpumpsa @made_to_lactate_ @srsally_babynurse @sacertified...
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