About Our Journey
How it Started
We are 100% women founded and women led tech start-up from South Africa. Already being in the pregnancy industry is how we identified this massive gap and need, to create an African focused maternal, postpartum, newborn, baby and family app. 

Our digital companion focuses on the unique challenges that our local women and girls face during pregnancy, parenting and beyond.  We have created a localized digital ecosystem, linking everyone in the industry to one another.

All the content, videos and information on the app has been created by a whole group of local women doctors and specialists.  
some of Our Achievements
Nominated by the World Health Organisation as one of Africa’s top 30 innovators

MTN App Award for the Women in STEM category

Most Inspiring Digital Innovation by Partos and The Spindle in Amsterdam

MTN App Award for the Huawei category

Impact Award – African challenge of 1000 and AfricaArena

Huawei Global competition for the Middle East and Africa region – Best app and Social Impact Awards

KIT International Global challenge winner, they are based in Australia and distribute Safe Birthing Kits into vulnerable African communities
Find everything you need to know about your pregnancy nutrition on our app
Pregnancy journal
Document every step of your beautiful pregnancy journey in your own personal journal.
Journal is available on our app, print out and keep your special
Download the Application Here

My Pregnancy Journey’s aim is to guide and empower all women with everything they need to know about pregnancy, health and parenting.

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