January 21, 2024

After Pregnancy care

🤱Just when you thought you'd reached the finish line of pregnancy, you discover there’s one more "trimester" to get through.

We’re talking about the "4th trimester" — that hazy period where you’re recovering from pregnancy and delivery while simultaneously learning how to be a mom as your baby adjusts to life outside the womb.

The fourth trimester describes the postpartum period starting from your baby's birthday until he turns 3 months old.

After your baby arrives, your hormones are in flux, your organs are shifting back to their former positions and your breast milk is coming in.

At the same time, you’re experiencing normal postpartum bleeding and dealing with the discomfort of a healing perineal area and/or a C-section scar.

📍Tips for coping with some of the biggest 4th trimester challenges:

🤱Ask for help

Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself. Let your partner or a close friend or relative help take care of the baby.

🤱Know that it is normal not to feel normal

Don’t beat yourself up for feeling this way. If you’ve managed to get some rest, eat something and care for your baby, you’ve ticked off all the important to-do's.

That said, while feeling more emotional during the weeks right after birth is common, feeling chronically sad, depressed or overly anxious, or having thoughts of harming yourself or your baby can be signs of postpartum depression (PPD) or postpartum anxiety (PPA). Reach out to your doctor for help.

🤱Take care of yourself

Try to eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains, and limit the sugary snacks. Drink plenty of water. Go for a walk around the block for fresh air.

🤱Find a group of new moms

Talking with other moms gives you a chance to share your feelings with women who understand exactly how you feel because they’re in the thick of it too.

🤱Go to your postpartum appointments

This is an opportunity to talk about your concerns or challenges — both physical and emotional — and find ways to help you feel your best.

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