March 10, 2024

Breast tenderness and sore nipples during pregnancy:

Your breasts seem to be getting larger during your pregnancy, which means they're also probably extremely sensitive and tender. Breast tenderness is one of the first (and most common) symptoms of pregnancy, starting as early as 4 - 7 weeks and lasting through the first trimester.

🤰What does the discomfort feel like?

Your breasts may feel heavy, full and tingly. Everyone's "symptoms" might be different. Some women won’t be bothered much by it, while others will be in greater discomfort.

For other pregnant moms, breast pain is like a dull ache, soreness or tenderness, though some report sharp, shooting pain too.

🤰What causes breast discomfort/tenderness and sore nipples?

The hormones estrogen and progesterone are the culprits. Other factors include the (good and necessary) buildup of fat, tissue and milk glands in your breasts, along with increased blood flow to the area. All these changes are helping your breasts get ready for breastfeeding in just a few short months.

🤰How to relieve breast discomfort during pregnancy?

- Invest in a good bra that fits well

- Wear a comfy/soft nursing bra (no underwires)

- Apply a cold compress

- Take a warm shower

- Use a organic lotion (like lanolin cream)

- Wear loose-fitting clothing

- Talk to your doctor when symptoms become unbearable

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