February 14, 2024

Pregnancy Awareness week

Congratulations, kudos, and woo hoo! – you're pregnant! Here are the most important things to do as you wait to meet your baby. 🀰

The first trimester (week 1 - 13) is the most important period of your baby's development.

This is when baby's structure and organs develop.

Here is a First Trimester essentials checklist as your guide:

πŸ“Start taking a prenatal vitamin (important) and avoid unsafe foods such as raw eggs, deli meat and raw fish.

πŸ“Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and reduce your caffeine intake.

πŸ“Download the FREE My Pregnancy Journey App for a weekly guide on your changing body and your growing baby.

πŸ“Stay hydrated and try to fit in at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week.

πŸ“Settle on a gynaecologist, midwife, or other prenatal care provider or make sure you head to your nearest clinic

πŸ“Check your medical aid insurance to see if it covers prenatal care and delivery.

πŸ“Schedule your first prenatal appointment usually around the 8-week mark.

πŸ“Talk to your doctor or midwife about prenatal testing to check for genetic defects and HIV.

πŸ“Check your finances, the costs of your baby and how maternity leave will impact you. Start a budget and a savings plan.

πŸ“Discuss your parenting ideas with your partner and agree on how you want to raise your child and research parenting and prenatal classes you can sign up for together.

The journey of motherhood can be daunting, but we have so many helpful resources to keep you informed!

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