November 13, 2023

The Mucus Plug

🚺Let's talk about the Mucus Plug

A mucus plug blocks the opening of your cervix during pregnancy. It forms a seal to prevent bacteria and infection from getting into your uterus and reaching your baby. Think of it as a barrier between your vagina and your uterus where your baby is.

As your cervix prepares for labor, you will lose the mucus plug. This is a normal and common symptom in late pregnancy (usually from 37 weeks onward).

If you lose your mucus plug sooner than 37 weeks of pregnancy, contact your healthcare provider as a precaution.

What does mucus plug discharge look like?

The look, size and texture will vary. The mucus plug is usually:

🚺Clear, off-white or slightly bloody (red, brown or pink) in color.
🚺Stringy, sticky and jelly-like in texture.
🚺3 to 5cm in length.
🚺1 to 2 tablespoons in volume.
🚺Relatively odorless.

You may lose your mucus plug in one glob or you may lose it gradually over time and never notice it.

A small amount of blood is common, but severe bleeding may be a sign of placental abruption, placenta previa or other pregnancy complications. Contact your healthcare provider if you notice heavy bleeding during pregnancy.

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