October 31, 2023

Every baby counts!

In sub-Saharan Africa the population is multiplying at a galloping rate, by the year 2050 one in every 3 children under 18 will be African. From around 2030 sub-Saharan Africa will be the region with the greatest number of children under the age of 18. 

Mortality rates among children under five years of age has decrease by about 40% between 1990 and 2012, but still half of the world’s 6.6 million deaths from children under the age of 5 occur in Africa.

Every country in Africa has too many deaths in newborn babies and children under the age of five years. Many of the deaths can be prevented with the interventions that are already in place, but never reach the poorer communities, because of the money being received for these causes are used for something else or stolen.

For generations now, the loss of a child in AFRICA is an acceptance and a norm.  Many die at birth or in the next few days. In some societies babies are not named or brought into the society until they are six weeks, or older.

When a baby dies the family suffers in silence and for them it is almost like a normal thing. Thus, this tradition helps to conceal the size of the problem, an acceptance of birth as a time of danger for a mother and her child.

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