September 14, 2023


Breastfeeding is the most effective single intervention to reduce child mortality and morbidity and optimise development and health across the life course.

For this reason the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, and continued breastfeeding until 2 years and beyond.

Yet despite these benefits, exclusive breastfeeding rates in South Africa remain low at 32% (the lowest breastfeeding rate on the African continent), and sales of formula milk have doubled in volume over the past 20 years.

This trend is worrying given that one in three infants (37%) live below the food poverty line of R531,[4] and formula milk costs an estimated R375 – R561 a month.

Globally, just 44% of infants are breastfed soon after birth, and 40% of those less than six months old are exclusively breastfed.

It’s important to understand why mothers, despite the decades of breastfeeding promotion campaigns, still do not optimally breastfeed their infants. Understanding the reasons can inform policy and interventions to make it easier to give babies the best start in life.

A lot is still uncertain about breastfeeding practices in South Africa. But recent research suggests that women's decisions around breastfeeding are shaped by a host of personal, social, economic, job and cultural factors.

These often get in the way of the mother’s intentions to breastfeed her infant as recommended. This is especially true for women living in poverty.

Support during breastfeeding plays a vital role in helping mother's continue to breastfeed.

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